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D2V Solution Short videoclip generator

Dont let your clients be bored with simple texts and images. Bring your website into live with a spectacular short video. D2V can be fully customised to your brand and feed it with any data text and images from various databases. The proces doesnt require videoediting skills but still can be manualy controlled, event or timesceduled.

Easy Online Video Composer

Upload your images and some discriptions and generate a video within a minute. It only requires a few clicks and than we get it ready for you.

Professional Online Video Composer

Automatised editing system for corporates, supporting e-learning and various communication tasks. Upload your images, videos some discriptions. Choose a music and edit your videos online. It only requires a few clicks and your professional video is ready!

Multimedia Campaign Supporting System

Store your videos, musics, and photoes at the same place fully organised to be able to search and reuse them for various multimedias. Validate the automaticaly generated, personalised videos with one click!

Social TV / Video TV Streaming

Live videochanel supporting your businesspartners and your shops. Edit your videoadds and videos in the system and broadcast your live programme to your multiple platforms automaticaly or manualy controlled from any location.

Video Template Creation

Unique, reusable videos with branded templates implementing key visual elements. Enjoy the benefit of our intelligent system which can gererate videos from your various contents to your varios clients using CRM and any other datas.

Smart Media Solutions

Would you like to see your videos and visual contents standing out from the rest? The team of FlyingVision can provide you the best videos from the pre-production stages until the finished project with years of professional experience.


Our extensive client base includes well known Hungarian companies and brands as well as a wide range of international clients.

As a result of our focus on quality results, our past clients come back to us again and again with repeat business. We have earned their trust and proven our ability to work in step with their internal processes to consistently achieve great results.

With our highly skilled team and technical knowledge, Flying Vision is ready to make great videos for you and your company, which will draw attention to your brand in a creative and unique way!

We manage any kind of post-production work as well in our professional multimedia studio from editing through multilingual narrations, 2D and 3D animations and subtitles to the highest international standards.

We have an extensive network of translation and localisation contacts, so delivering completed videos in any language and locale is not a problem!

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