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At FlyingVision we specialise in creating tailor made explainer videos which capture the essence of your companys product and services. We achieve this by listening to you and gaining a deep understanding of what you need to communicate to your potential clients.


You can convey complex idea in clear and engaging ways. You might use this in presentations or on the internet, this can bring life into your ideas.

Have you ever dreamt that your services are being explained with the style of classical animation from your childhood? Enchant your clients with the detail of famous cartoons. Real artists will mix your company’s style into cartoon, which will tell the story you want to tell!

Infographic videos convey difficult concepts and new products with stylized visual elements. With these videos you can focus your client’s attention. Other benefits of this type of video are speed to market and reduced cost.

How We Work?

During a free consultation our creative team will explore your company and the services you would like to promote. We will talk about the ideas, also agree the animation style, possible narration, music and budget that fits your needs. After this, we will bring you the final quote.


After the creative ideas our team will write the script that fits you needs. We remain engaged with you until a final version (shooting version) of the script is agreed.


We translate the screenplay into pictures, like a comic book. These sketches can help you image how the final video will look and also this is the time to finalize the visuality and fine-tuning everything to maximally fit your needs.


After accepting the storyboard, our artists will start to work on the final animation. We’ll bring you the final product in the file format you prefer, after an agreed time after our initial quote..


Our extensive client base includes well known Hungarian companies and brands as well as a wide range of international clients.


  • “FlyingVision made the instructor videos for the national elections of 2014 (Member of the European Parliament, national and local government elections) and also they made the posters. During the work togather, FlyingVision succeded with creative ideas and flexible attitude and always complied with the deadline.”

    Dr. Ilina Pálffy
    The CO of the Hungarian National Election Office (nvi.hu)
  • “I really liked working with FlyingVision and always satisfied with the results. The company’s executive, Tamás Novinszki humble communication style and professionalism perfectly combined the clients needs and criterias (which weren’t easy at all!). His ideas and skills kept our deal very constructively. Recommended."

    Fertetics Mandy Dreher Breweries Ltd., Corporate and sustainable development leader
  • "I worked with FlyingVision in several video projects including very basic and very detailed ones. The company’s exec, Tamás Novinszki is a very trustworthy, hard-working and motivated expert, who is always seeking the most innovative solutions, ideas and always aspires to do his best in every kind of work. He is not only creative but also a great example of precise delivery. He communicates really well with clients and executives. Apart of his professional attitude, Tamás is also a great person: his positive, cooperative nature and empathy makes him a good team player. My colleagues and I felt we were able to rely on FlyingVision all the time."

    Adam Dallos Marketing & Communications Senior Specialist at PWC Hungary
  • “I’m working with FlyingVision for years now. Creativity, flexibility, incredible speed, patience and professionalism are they main adventages. In many cases, I could not imagine the realization what we dreamed of but to them, to know the main goal was enough and they created our dreams perfectly. I recommend FlyingVision from the very first minute I met with them.”

    Ágnes Bognár Communication advisior
  • "Tamás is a talented video-productions expert who has the attention for detail. He is cooperative and always ensures the good quality of his work. From the customer side I really enjoyed working with him on the field and also at the post production phase."

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