UAV drones have revolutionised not just the military but also cinematography. Drone mounted cameras can capture scenes we only saw in blockbuster films in the past. Now it is possible to film locations from an aerial point of view which was not possible with old camera technology or required expensive helicopters.

We are ready to capture your flying vision with our high-tech multi-copters, many years of experience, liability insurance and our 24 x 7 ready to fly infrastructure.

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Equipment & Technology


Our quad-, hexa- and octo-copters are specialized for filmmaking, but we are also open for scientific usage. We can build specialized copters to serve you individual needs. Our company optimize the budget and usability to be able to bring the best results meeting your demands.


Cablecams can help when you have to make video in places with low ceilings. They are also usable in hazardous atmospheric conditions, or strong electromagnetic fields, and places where copters unable to fly. The biggest advantages are the possibility of a fixed installation, long operating time and almost unnoticeable noise level. Cable-cams are the ideal choice for sporting events, conferences and concerts.

Event videos

We can capture and telecast the events live. You can follow the live footage of the drones on a big projected screen or even online at your home or workspace. On these special events we also make photos beside the videos.

Industrial usage

Making videos at factories, plants and industrial facilities. We can uplift special measuring instruments, industrial cameras to the air and make special videos to fit into your needs. We also support GIS work, for example archeological and surveying jobs and we can assign GPS coordinates to the photos or videos.

Agricultural usage

These videos and photos can also be very useful in the agricultural field: we can discover nutrient and water supply from the air. From the results you can predict the yield and also localize the diseases easily.


With the drones you can easily go and discover places where no human can go. It is possible to host live telecast with optional help of infra and UV cameras.

Property videos

Some video takes are impossible from the ground. With the drones we can make spectacular shots for the buyers, sellers and experts. This way your property will really show it’s value.


Our extensive client base includes well known Hungarian companies and brands as well as a wide range of international clients.


  • “FlyingVision made the instructor videos for the national elections of 2014 (Member of the European Parliament, national and local government elections) and also they made the posters. During the work togather, FlyingVision succeded with creative ideas and flexible attitude and always complied with the deadline.”

    Dr. Ilina Pálffy
    The CO of the Hungarian National Election Office (
  • “I really liked working with FlyingVision and always satisfied with the results. The company’s executive, Tamás Novinszki humble communication style and professionalism perfectly combined the clients needs and criterias (which weren’t easy at all!). His ideas and skills kept our deal very constructively. Recommended."

    Fertetics Mandy Dreher Breweries Ltd., Corporate and sustainable development leader
  • "I worked with FlyingVision in several video projects including very basic and very detailed ones. The company’s exec, Tamás Novinszki is a very trustworthy, hard-working and motivated expert, who is always seeking the most innovative solutions, ideas and always aspires to do his best in every kind of work. He is not only creative but also a great example of precise delivery. He communicates really well with clients and executives. Apart of his professional attitude, Tamás is also a great person: his positive, cooperative nature and empathy makes him a good team player. My colleagues and I felt we were able to rely on FlyingVision all the time."

    Adam Dallos Marketing & Communications Senior Specialist at PWC Hungary
  • “I’m working with FlyingVision for years now. Creativity, flexibility, incredible speed, patience and professionalism are they main adventages. In many cases, I could not imagine the realization what we dreamed of but to them, to know the main goal was enough and they created our dreams perfectly. I recommend FlyingVision from the very first minute I met with them.”

    Ágnes Bognár Communication advisior
  • "Tamás is a talented video-productions expert who has the attention for detail. He is cooperative and always ensures the good quality of his work. From the customer side I really enjoyed working with him on the field and also at the post production phase."

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